ACI Quarterly Newsletter


​​​About ACI

All Clinical Informatics Inc. (ACI) was established in early 2016 to tackle problems and provide solutions in healthcare information technology integrations.  Federal incentive programs and new reimbursement strategies have triggered an avalanche of electronic systems at the point of care, and are now pushing the industry towards better information sharing between healthcare organizations.  ACI's mission is to improve clinical information management, data exchange and care coordination processes throughout the medical community by providing knowledgeable, broad-based support to healthcare clients in all areas of information technology. 

The company founder, Brad Martin, has been leading information technology projects, service and support teams in hospitals and physician practices for over 20 years. He started ACI after 12+ years as CIO and IT Director of MSPB, the largest physician group practice in Palm Beach County, deploying IT systems and services across the group's distributed enterprise of 30+ office locations and 75+ physicians. Prior to that he spent 8 years as Director of Information Services in Tenet Healthcare, a national hospital chain where he led IT and analytical projects at the local and state levels. Mr. Martin holds a Masters degree in Management Information Systems (2013), as well as CISSP certification, which is one of the highest-level information security credentials in private industry.

ACI's expertise covers a wide array of technology services, leadership and project management:

  • Implementing departmental and enterprise-wide IT platforms in healthcare organizations such as nursing and physician Order Entry systems, physician E-prescribing, LIS (Laboratory), RIS (Radiology), PACS (Imaging) and EHR (point-of-care) systems.  
  • Developing interfaces between clinical instruments, patient management systems, DICOM modalities, external registries, and business partner platforms such as billing and transcription vendors.
  • Building teams of IT professionals to support data centers, end-user devices, network connectivity, enterprise applications and records release services. 
  • Designing robust, secure network infrastructures, from Cat-5 station cabling to long-distance fiber-optic links to advanced router configurations.
  • Virtualizing servers and user desktop sessions for economy, mobility, consistency and recoverability.
  • Installing secure, cost-effective private wireless links and underground fiber across local metro areas.  
  • Administering Active Directory security parameters, group policies and file access restrictions for user and computers.
  • Configuring firewalls and secure VPN tunnels to outside vendors and business partners.
  • Managing Exchange email servers, spam filtering and secure messaging.
  • Creating database apps for extracting, transforming and presenting vast amounts of data in concise, useful formats.
  • Presenting detailed information to technical and non-technical audiences, both one-on-one and in large groups. 
  • Working directly with administrators, board members and department heads in executing projects and influencing company leadership on the benefits and impacts of technology decisions.

ACI offers a dynamic team to support healthcare organizations as they deal with recurring technology lifecycles and tightening regulatory requirements, helping these clients make well-informed decisions, manage IT assets effectively, and design solutions geared for growth and data security.  Call ACI today for a free on-site consultation to learn how we can help.