​​​Fee Structure

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ACI Quarterly Newsletter

ACI calculates fees based on the type of service rendered:

  • Basic per-unit services are billed by the unit quantity.  For example, network cabling is calculated on the number of station runs times the number of cables in each run, adjusted by the average length of the runs.  Server and workstation support is calculated on the number of devices monitored, at a set monthly rate per device.
  • Project work, such as a system implementation, risk assessment, security configuration, interface or analytic report design is typically calculated from the number of hours estimated for completion, including the planning sessions, staff meetings, organizational activities, vendor management, development of training materials if needed, and status updates for leadership.
  • Contract staffing is billed on the level of technical skill requested, times the number of hours needed, and can be set up as an on-going, open-ended engagement if desired.
  • Hardware and equipment purchases are billed with a small mark-up not to exceed 5%, plus Florida sales tax.  ACI buys from national distributors that price their products well under retail, and all source pricing is disclosed in ACI invoicing.  For recurring purchases on selected items we would connect you directly with our distributors for further cost savings.

No matter what your IT needs may be, ACI can supply the solution, and will work with you to arrive at a budget number you can live with. Call us to find out how we can help.