ACI Quarterly Newsletter


​​​EHR System Rollouts and Conversions

Nothing is as disruptive to your clinical practice as installing an electronic health record... except perhaps changing it out for a different one!  Whether you are just starting to computerize your clinical operations, or you have systems that aren't meeting expectations, you could benefit from experienced, independent systems experts to be your advocate and mediator during your discussions with EHR vendors, to help you understand the differences, make the best choice for your organization, and design an implementation that sets you up for long-term success.

EHR installations and conversions dramatically change how all clinical operations get accomplished in your organization.  Staff workflows change, document formats change, and information you need is often stored and/or presented differently than you may expect.  For first-time installations, there are many considerations beyond the day-to-day functions of managing patients: importing paper charts, discrete data pre-loading, integrations with remote systems, handling of faxes, ongoing training for staff turnover, even downtime and recovery operations when computer/network issues arise. For conversions of existing systems to a new platform, there are issues of parallel installation, data migrations, testing and re-training of staff.

For guidance on system selection, pitfalls to avoid, comparisons with competing systems, or short-term resources to make it all happen, give ACI a call and find out how we can help you make the transition as smooth as possible. Using a vendor-neutral approach, ACI can help you understand the complexities and ramifications of the decisions you will make, and provide or obtain services that will bridge gaps in staff or vendor capabilities.