ACI Quarterly Newsletter


Server and Desktop Support

Your servers need regular monitoring to proactively identify and resolve problems. Your user workstations require periodic attention as apps are installed, settings are customized and equipment sporadically wears out.  ACI can provide remote or on-site support for these devices, monitoring for problems, providing backup for your staff, or even take on your entire operations if desired.  

Servers in particular, both virtual and physical, are the heart of the business network, and require careful attention, with security patches, application updates, hardware alerts and ongoing monitoring of anti-malware protection, system logs and backup processes.  All of these functions can be performed remotely and securely, and can be provided as an adjunct to your existing IT staff, or as temporary coverage for key personnel during absences or turnover. If your server assets are already 'in the cloud', there is even more reason to have a separate set of eyes watching the shop, so those resources are effectively utilized, properly monitored and audited to ensure you are not being billed for orphaned or abandoned systems, and that breaches are not occurring in places where you're not even looking.

Workstations have a shorter lifecycle, and are often obsolete within 3 or 4 years.  Hardware replacements are normally done in batches as a capital project so equipment is consistent throughout the department or facility. Virtual desktops are a best practice, where the end-user device is simply used to open a window into a desktop environment running on the central network, following the user wherever they go, and operating exactly the same from every login location, even from home or abroad.

All of these scenarios can be supported in part or in whole by ACI, providing you with remote monitoring, on-site support or complete oursourcing of your IT department.