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​​​​Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

ACI Quarterly Newsletter

ACI can help you develop a comprehensive physical security solution.  Perimeter alarm systems with motion, glassbreak, heat and/or smoke sensors, combined with cameras and recorders that are accessible through the Internet for remote viewing, even on smartphones, will put your mind at ease when you're not on-site. We can work with your existing alarm company if you have one, or arrange all installation and monitoring services for a new system.

Security cameras come with several options, and the field is constantly evolving, with resolution rates increasing each year.  CCD cameras are the older-style analog equipment used with digital video recorders (DVRs), but the newer digital systems can offer high-definition video (1080p) and very attractive pricing. IP cameras are even better, with 5 megapixel resolution or higher, capable of capturing license plates and extreme detail on facial features.  IP cameras are more expensive than CCD and HD cameras, but they offer significant advantages with web browsers and remote recording to a PC or FTP server built right in.

Combining cameras with alarm systems can be an effective tool in averting problems, by using the camera's motion detect features to trigger a supervisory signal on the alarm system that alerts a monitoring station to visually review the site before a break-in occurs or dispatch is necessary.  Combining cameras with low-tech solutions such as a simple garden thermometer mounted on the wall of a data closet or computer room gives you the ability to check your A/C status remotely, and adding a heat sensor to your alarm can send a signal when the temperature exceeds a pre-determined level so you can have confidence knowing any serious problems or intrusions will draw the appropriate attention, without straining your budget or stressing your staff on false alarms, or incurring the labor costs of constant visits.